My Process:

  1. Get out a sketchbook and draw
  2. Draw & redraw until you’ve got something you’re happy with
  3. Find some good light and take a photo (or photos) with your camera phone
  4. Upload image(s) to Dropbox or connect with a cable to fetch the photos
  5. In photoshop, isolate your type from its background
  6. Choose a photo and pop the type on top
  7. Save and you’re done.

These are the basics of what I do when making a piece of type (mainly just for display for a client or throwing up on dribbble or Instagram).

When you are at the photoshop stage, there are endless varieties of things you can do to create the final output. Photo choice, colour adjustments, size and positioning of the type, texture/patterns etc all influence the look of the finished product. It’s the fun part! There are a lot of things that can speed up this process too. 

A big one is using actions to perform repetitive tasks. There are a bunch of resources online that can help you learn and conquer actions. Bjango has a fantastic resource here: You will find yourself visiting constantly - follow them on twitter to keep updated. 

I use actions to isolate my type from the background. This can be time-consuming and repetitive - a perfect candidate for actions.

I’ve included a free texture that I often use to get some grit onto a design. I really hope you find this useful - I use it nearly every day! The link is here:

If you have any questions or suggestions on more tutorials, let me know:


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